18 December 2010

KIM- Bodysuits- Winter/Xmas Photo Model Contest

KIM- Winter/Xmas Theme Photo Model Contest Ended
First 3 Winners;

1 st Winner

Mikaela Carpaccio
Award- (KIM Bodysuits- 6000L Value Gift Card)

2nd Winner

Roxx Mills (KIM Bodysuits-3000L Value Gift Card)

3rd Winner

Maryann Whelan (KIM Bodysuits-1500L Value Gift Card)

16 December 2010

KIM- Exclusive- Hydra- Mystic

12 December 2010

KIM- Christmas Gift For Group Members

KIM- Exclusive - Marmala

KIM- Happy Holidays From... Hunt Design

KIM- AVDC Hunt Design

28 November 2010

KIM- Exclusive-Ceap Tops

KIM- Exclusive-Tella (Group Gift)

28 October 2010

KIM- Exclusive- ShineParty Tops

25 October 2010

KIM- Exclusive- Prom

KIM- Exclusive- Prom Group Gift

KIM- Exclusive- Kellsie

KIM- Exclusive- Modala

KIM- Exclusive- Dolla

KIM -Rare Tops

07 October 2010

KIM- Exclusive- Lykra

KIM- Group Gift - Zipper Tops

02 October 2010

KIM- Exclusive- Samara

28 September 2010

KIM- Exclusive- Foume

26 September 2010

KIM- Exclusive- Jessi Swimwear

KIM- Exclusive- Tape

KIM- Exclusive- Hale

KIM- Exclusive- Polaka

KIM- Exclusive- Jola

06 July 2010

KIM- Exclusive Wattbe

KIM- Exclusive Grey Dreams

KIM- Exclusive Summer Bikini's

10 June 2010

KIM-New- Exclusive Design

06 June 2010

Black&Blue Fair -KIM Black&Blue Fair Designs

KIM- Pieta -New

13 May 2010

KIM- Special i&g Mini

01 May 2010

KIM- NEW- Mini Mula's& Carpastre

28 April 2010

KIM-NEW RELEASES- Fore Serie- Showtime- Stream

27 April 2010

KIM New Serie/New Releases

15 April 2010


KIM invites you opening party and a unique runway show this Sunday, April 18, 2010, at 1:00 PM SLT in new location KIM Isle

GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL’s premiere fashion marketing and public relations agency is assisting KIM Fashion Show&Opening.
After the show featuring fabulous GIA models, there will be a party with 8,000L$ worth store cards to be distributed to the audience as prizes and everybody will dance on the sounds of DJ Simone Peterman in the LockDown Lounge.

Click here for visit KIM Isle

About GLANCE International Agency

GLANCE International Agency is a full service Second Life™ based fashion public relations agency, official member of the Second Life Solution Provider program. Agency offers modeling career development, unique fashion center, international fashion-oriented publications, style consultation, fashion-related photography and graphics, fashion designers promotion and fashion events coordination.

GLANCE International Agency, since its inception in 2008 by founder and CEO, Patty Cortes, has the driving vision of becoming the best for our fashion-centric production and public relations services. GLANCE International Agency fashion team is composed of professionals from the industry, including fashion stylists, public relations agents, style writers, video producers, catwalk set designers, photographers and graphic experts who are plugged into the fashion media scene.

For visit GLANCE International Agency in World
GLANCE International Agency WebSite
GLANCE International Agency Magazine

KIM Opening Free Gift

Zombie PopCorn SL Hunt

Creators&Authors of ; Jenica Penucca,Joshua Artful,kitteeskytower presents Zombie Pop Corn SL Hunt

KIM overhappy to be in this amazing hunt with one special gift.
For more information and special gifts ; you can check this link.
Click here for Zombie PopCorn SL Website

KIM Designs of Catalogues