31 March 2012

KIM@Moved Mainstore

We have exciting news for you about our new location!

Please visit our new location;
New Location Landmark

We hope you enjoy your visit to our new fresh look store!

19 March 2012

KIM at Tropicalia Big Bazaar

KIM one of participant brand at Tropicalia Big Bazaar.

This design can be seen at Tropicalia Big Bazaar with a discount price.(75L)

Location to Tropicalia Big Bazaar

Location to KIM Mainstore

17 March 2012

KIM@Depraved Spring Madness 2.0 Hunt -Item

Depraved Spring Madness Hunt started!
The hunt runs from March 15th – April 15th.
Shiny Skirts,

For more info about Depraved Spring Madness 2.0 Hunt

KIM Main Store Slurl;

14 March 2012

KIM@Mesh Monnde Platform Heels

Monnde Mesh Heels,(Non Rigged Mesh)
KIM- Mesh Platform Heels requires Second Life Mesh Viewer 3 or 3rd Party Mesh Viewers.

Please feel free to try demo at Main Store.

Optional Menu;
Resize, Shiny, Glow, Position, Full Bright,
(no mod/copy/no transfer)
32 Color;
Black and Brown Sole Options
Pastel , Special Fabrics, Dark and Bright Colors.

Free Demo set available at Main Store .


KIM Mainstore Location

12 March 2012

KIM@Fashion For Life

Fashion For Life
Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of the Relay for Life movement in Second Life supporting the American Cancer Society.
These design of sales , donated to Relay For Life at Fashion For Life Event.
I am pleased and honored to join such an event.

Hunt Item

Gacha Items

Location to Fashion For Life, KIM Store Location
Fashion For Life Web Page

02 March 2012

KIM@WCF Exclusives

WCF Exclusive Designs

Burlesque Mesh Dress

Nelly Naughty Set

And 10L$ Gift Zebra Tops for WCF;

Location to WCF

WCF Blog

Location to KIM Mainstore