16 December 2011

Carey Lingerie-A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt

A Depraved & Desolate Winter will run from December 15 - January 15 taking hunters along a wintery path to their favorite stores.
KIM, is pleased to be one of the brands participated in this hunt with Carey Lingerie.
Hint; Frame..
Each hunt item will be marked for sale for 0L$. Store owners will hide the gifts somewhere in or around their mainstore location and hunters will have a list of clues for each store, available to them on our blog.
For more information on the hunt you may check the Depraved Nation blog site or join the Depraved Events group by clicking on any promo sign for the hunt. Group chat is available and monitored.

Hunt Start Location-Razorblade Jacket
A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt Blog Link

KIM Mainstore Location

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Kendra said...

Nice creativity....KIM Mainstore is looking so beautiful in it.the look of your product is amazing and ..I really needed this type of collections for me wife I enjoyed reading your article, many thanks….I love this whole look! You are amazing.
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